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Modification History

Version 2.0.1. September 25, 2013.

  1. Correct mishandling of some empty elements in TEI XML files.

Version 2.0.0. September 23, 2013.

Initial public release of MorphAdorner v2.0.0.

Main changes since 1.0.1.

  1. Created a new git repository to hold the source code and build materials:
  2. Created a Mercurial repository to hold the source code and build materials:
  3. Reorganized the code base to place all the linguistics processing code under the parent package.
  4. Replaced the old sample servlets with standalone MorphAdorner server. This has its own code base and release materials.
  5. Multiple improvments to basic tokenization and sentence-splitting facilities, including addition of basic support for tokenizing and sentence-splitting of texts written in languages other than English.
  6. Upgraded language recognition facilities with a more recent algorithm from Nakatani Shuyo.
  7. Improved part of speech adornment particularly for Early Modern English. Among other changes, the suffix analysis used to select candidate parts of speech for unknown words now disallows candidate parts of speech to be assigned from closed word classes.
  8. Added a utility for converting the "base" MorphAdorner adorned output to a more TEI P5-like format.
  9. Added a number of support utilities for improving the processing of corpora from the Text Creation Partnership.
  10. Added some extra fields to the tabular (verticalized) output from adorned files.
  11. Added support for different abbreviation lists for main and paratext (important for drama texts).
  12. Added implementation of the PUNKT algorithm of Tibor and Strunk for extracting potential abbreviation lists from a plain-text corpus.
  13. Added generic utility to apply and XSL transformation to a set of input files.
  14. Added classes to support basic text summarization, hyphenation, and syllable counting.
  15. Multiple other minor bug fixes and improvements.
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