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MorphAdorner Client Installation

The file

contains the MorphAdorner client source code, data, and libraries.

Current version: 2.0.1
Last update: October 6, 2013

The git repository

contains the source code, data files, and build configuration files for generating the MorphAdorner release from scratch. The repository is intended for use by programmers who wish to modify the MorphAdorner code.

The MorphAdorner Server has its own download and installation instructions.

Quick Setup

If you downloaded the MorphAdorner release from the git repository on, please go to the section "Installing and building MorphAdorner."

If you downloaded the ready-to-use file, proceed as follows. Expand the contents of the file into an empty directory. Make sure you retain the existing directory structure.

You must have the Java run-time environment installed on your machine to run MorphAdorner. If you do not, go to the section "Installing and Building MorphAdorner" for information on where to get a copy of the Java runtime.

Once you have Java installed you can proceed with running MorphAdorner.

File Layout of Morphadorner Client Release

File or Directory Contents
README.txt Printable copy of this file in Windows text format (lines terminated by Ascii cr/lf).
build.xml Apache Ant build file used to compile MorphAdorner.
data/ Data files used by MorphAdorner.
dist/ Holds generated morphAdorner.jar program file.
documentation/ MorphAdorner documentation.
gatelib/ Java libraries used by Gate.
ivy.xml Apache Ivy dependencies definitions.
ivysettings.xml Apache Ivy settings.
javadoc/ Javadoc (internal documentation).
lib/ Java library files.
misc/ Miscellaneous configuration files.
morphadornerlog.config MorphAdorner logging configuration file.
src/ MorphAdorner client source code.
xslt/ XSLT stylesheets used by utilities.

Installing and Building MorphAdorner Client

Extract the files from, retaining the directory structure, to an empty directory. The zip file contains precompiled (with Java 1.6) versions of all of the code as well as the javadoc.

You do not need to rebuild the code unless you want to make changes. If you do want to rebuild the code, make sure you have installed recent working copies of Sun's Java Development Kit and Apache Ant on your system. The Java development kits for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems may be obtained from

Alternatively, OpenJDK may be obtained from

You must use a Java compiler which is compatible with Java 1.6 or higher.

Apache Ant may be obtained from

Move to the directory in which you extracted, and type:


This should build MorphAdorner successfully. The morphadorner.jar file will be placed in the "dist" subdirectory.


ant javadoc

to generate the javadoc (internal documentation) into subdirectory "javadoc".


ant clean

to remove the effects of compilation. This does not remove the downloaded files in the lib and gatelib subdirectories. To remove those as well, type

ant cleanlib


Printable documentation, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, will appear in the documentation/morphadorner.pdf file in the MorphAdorner release. This documentation is still in progress and not yet available.

MorphAdorner documentation is also available online. The online version will generally be more up-to-date than the printable version included in the release materials. The javadoc (internal documentation) is also available online as well as in the release materials in the javadoc/ directory. The online MorphAdorner modification history describes what has changed from one release of MorphAdorner to the next.

Running MorphAdorner

MorphAdorner has run successfully on Windows, Mac OS X, and various flavors of Linux.

Before running MorphAdorner on Unix-like systems you will need to mark the Unix script files as executable before using them. You can use the chmod command to do this, e.g.:

chmod 755 adornncfa

The MorphAdorner release contains a script makescriptsexecutable which applies chmod to each of the scripts in the release. On most Unix-like systems you can execute makescriptsexecutable by moving to the MorphAdorner installation directory and entering

chmod 755 makescriptsexecutable


/bin/sh <makescriptsexecutable

The sample batch file adornncf.bat and the corresponding Linux script adornncf shows how to run MorphAdorner to adorn simple TEI format XML files for 19th century and later works in which quote marks are not distinguished from apostrophes. Use the sample batch file adornncfa.bat or the script adornncfa for files in which quote marks are distinguished from apostrophes.

For example, to adorn TEI XML files in directory /myfiles into the output directory /myoutputfiles on Unix-like systems, open a terminal window in the MorphAdorner directory and type

./adornncf /myoutputfiles /myfiles/*.xml

On Windows you would open a console window in the MorphAdorner directory and type

adornncf \myoutputfiles \myfiles\*.xml

Please see the documentation section "Adorning a Text" in the online web site or the printable PDF for more information on these and other sample batch files and scripts in the MorphAdorner release.

There are presumably lots of warts, misfeatures, bugs, missing items, and whatnot. Use MorphAdorner with caution.

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