Validate XML files.

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Package Description

Validate XML files.


java [schemaURI] input1.xml input2.xml ...
schemaURI Optional URI for a Relax NG or W3C schema against which to validate subsequent files. The schemaURi is treated as a Relax NG schema if it ends in ".rng", and as a W3C schema if it ends in ".xsd". The schema is ignored if it ends in anything else.
input*.xml input XML files to validate. At least one file must be specified.

Checks that the specified XML files are valid XML. For XML files referencing a DTD, checks that the XML is valid in the context of the DTD. For XML files that do not specify a DTD, the XML is validated against the optional leading Relax NG or W3C schema. If a schema file is not specified, and the XML document does not specify a DTD, the file will generally be reported as invalid.

Note: Creates a SAX parser for each document (one at a time). This allows even large adorned files to be validated.