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Moving notes in TEI XML files

MoveTEINotes applies an XSL transformation to an input TEI XML file to move all the notes to a separate <div> element.


moveteinotes input.xml output.xml


input.xml The input TEI XML file.
output.txt The output file TEI XML file with the notes moved to a separate <div> element.

In printed source texts, <note> elements generally do not interrupt the reading order, because all the notes are either placed in the margin or at the bottom of the page. In the XML transcriptions of the source texts, the <note> elements may be encoded inline, because that is a onvenient thing to do.

Some linguists suggest that it is best to keep notes out of the flow of the text by moving them to a separate "notes only" <div> element.

MoveTEINotes reorganizes unadorned or adorned TEI XML files so that notes are moved to a <div type="notes"> in the <back> section at the end of the main <div> in which they occur. Original instances of the notes are replaced by a <ptr> element which points to the location of the relocated <note> element. An example of such a <ptr> element is:

<ptr type="note" target="nd1e8415" xml:id="rd1e8415" n="1"/>

The target= attribute gives the xml:id of the transplanted <note>. The xml:id provides the back link needed to restore the original note position give the transplanted note.

The XSLT transformation used to move the notes is defined in the movenotes.xsl file in the xslt directory of the MorphAdorner release. This transformation is based upon one originally written by Syd Bauman.

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