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MorphAdorner Server, or MAServer for short, is an HTTP-based server which exposes MorphAdorner facilities over the web. The server has its own download and installation page separate from the MorphAdorner client.

Below is the complete list of the services offered by the MorphAdorner Server. The page for each service presents the service name, query parameters, available output formats, and -- for the plain text services -- sample output. The online examples demonstrate the use of the MorphAdorner Server using web page forms. Also see accessing the server programmatically to learn about writing Javascript-enhanced web pages and Java programs to access the MorphAdorner server.

Plain text services

The plain text services work on utf-8 encoded text that has not been tagged in any way.

TEI XML services

The TEI XML services work on utf-8 encoded text tagged using the Text Encoding Initiative markup.

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